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Chartered Accountants - FSR

Welcome to Pro Calculo. We are registered Chartered Accountants and member of the Association of Danish Chartered Accountants, FSR. We deliver custom tailored financial and tax counselling services for small to medium size businesses and individuals.


Our focus on personalized service and our knowledgeable, friendly team is what sets us apart. Treating every client as if they were our only client, we bring personal attention and peace of mind to your financial and tax needs. Our goals are determined by your goals. When you succeed, we succeed.


We have built our practice on a strong foundation of client relationships. We take time to get to know you, to understand your needs, objectives and concerns in order to create the tailored solution that suits you best.


We deliver a comprehensive range of traditional and specialized services:


Business Consulting, Start Up & Growth Planning


For the start up, we deliver the expertise and advice that

young companies need to build a solid foundation for future growth.

We provide guidance on cost effective and risk appropriate structures for your business. We are your primary source for organizational design and operating cost efficiency.


Business Consulting


We help to grow profitable businesses by delivering strategic and tactical financial information that shapes smart decision-making. We offer guidance when it comes to business registration and/or incorporation. Depending upon the nature of your business, we will help you to determine the option that makes sense. If you like, we can even do the registration or incorporation for you.

Business Financial Statement Preparation


At the core of our business is financial statement preparation. We prepare financial statements for all your reporting needs.

Depending upon your business's requirements, we assist with bookkeeping, tax and related planning optimization services. We prepare statements with compilation, review or audit reporting and will carry out related testing and analysis as required. We provide the services that save you time, money and distraction from your business.


We believe in the power of technology. We continue to invest in technology solutions that help us to serve you better.

And, we are familiar with and provide guidance on most popular accounting, spreadsheet and related computer software packages. As a result, we can accept your data in the format that works for you - paper, disk, CD format or  e-mail.


Bookkeeping Services


We work with you to determine the level of bookkeeping service that's appropriate. We offer an in-house bookkeeping solution or we can subcontract and manage it on your behalf. If you would like to operate completely independently, we can also set you up with the tools and training that you'll need.

Your needs might dictate a monthly service that includes payroll. Or, you might need a more frequent solution (i.e. weekly or daily) including bill payments, payroll calculations, accounting for sales, and receipts bookkeeping.

For some of our clients, bookkeeping is more complex and includes full financial statements, transaction detail, accounts receivable and accounts payable reporting. Simple or sophisticated, we offer the custom tailored solution that's suited to you.






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